Best places to meet women

Try visiting a bookstore. This is sometimes a meeting ground for organizations or even students hoping to get in some study time. The atmosphere is usually peaceful, which can help encourage girls and guys to begin a conversation regarding books of similar interest. Ask for a monthly calendar from a store employee and look for events. Girls sometimes enjoy attending book signings, writers’ group meetings or even a book club that gathers monthly.
Dance Classes
This is a great one. Where else are you going to find lots of women — most of them single — that you are forced to physically interact with? Chances are that you’ll be one of the only a few men in attendance, so the numbers are greatly to your advantage. and, you’ll be paired up with females as partners — great opportunities to get to know each woman a bit more. If there’s chemistry between you & one of your partners, it’s only natural to invite her out on the town to practice what you have learned in class.
Girl shopping at grocery store
Consider grocery shopping more than once a week. Girls and guys alike have to eat, and need to buy groceries, therefore shop frequently. Not only do girls work in the supermarket but they are also found scattered up and down food isles, checking out nutritional information, deciding on what to buy and how much of it to purchase. It’s quite simple to ask a girl questions regarding recipes that will more than likely strike up a lengthy conversation. Some supermarkets even offer small coffee or deli shops that may provide the opportunity to meet girls.
The Internet
Log into the internet, and sign up for a singles chat on Yahoo! This is an easy way of meeting girls since they seem to be online looking for the very same thing. Find a girl who holds your interest. and the two of you may be conversing over email, text or on the phone. Also, you’ve heard of Myspace & Facebook, but have you thought about Twitter or the restaurant review community Yelp? These sites can be great ways to meet individuals who share common interests as against  randomly browsing online dating sites. For example, at Yelp, people are rewarded for writing humorous & chilled reviews of restaurants. in case you consistently write fascinating reviews, you will get loads of fans, and there’s a built-in opportunity to get to know somebody by meeting up at review spots together.
Attend a backyard BBQ to meet girls. Although couples do tend to gather at these events, usually a friend of a friend will arrive solo and may also happen to be single. Strike up a conversation at the grill or in the kitchen where drinks are being offered. Offer to carry her plate, or bring another drink when you notice she is nearly finished with the one already in her hand.