How to meet women in prison (or behind bars)

Woman in prisonAccording to recent figures released by the Justice Department 1 out of every 145 Americans are now prison inmates. There are 126 female inmates for every 100,000 American women. This article teaches you how to meet women in prison.

Female inmates have been allowed internet access in most states since 2007. If you wish to date female inmates it is relatively easy to find them online.

I would like to give you the method I always give people who want to know how to meet women in prison. Before, though, I would just like to mention the sites that are dedicated to prison pen-pals. It is rumored that some of these websites are shams. The profiles of inmates are fake. These sites are setup to collect your data for the purposes of selling your information and using it to sell you items. Use your instincts on this.

According to dating industry trends, we are seeing thousands of new female inmates a month make profiles on conventional, mainstream dating communities. Many incarcerated women lead very unhappy lives and the one thing that keeps them going is the possibility of love and happiness on the outside. This has prompted well over 100,000 female prisoners to seek men via dating services (which are always free to women).

If you want to meet women in prison all you have to do is join a popular dating community. Write on your profile your desire to meet female inmates and then do a search for local prisoners. These dating services using matching technology that reads your profile and matches you with relevant women (in this case, women prisoners). These same sites also usually allow you to search by keyword. So, by typing in words like “prisoner” and “inmate” you can uncover lists of imprisoned women who you can then email or add to your online list of friends.

You can also look at websites that offer prison penpal ads until you find an inmate or inmates with whom you think you might enjoy corresponding. Some websites charge a fee for providing an inmate’s address, but others do not. Most do not guarantee the accuracy of the information the inmates have provided about themselves. The penpal websites vary from the blatantly exploitative to the compassionate and intelligent. Find a website with which you are comfortable. Before giving them your information, check google to make sure it is not a scam.
Verify basic information. Once you have an inmate’s name, you can usually locate more information, including the nature of her charges and expected release date, through the state department of corrections inmate locator website or the federal Bureau of Prisons website.  According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, over 60% of the women in their custody are
serving sentences for drug offenses. For many states the rate is even higher for alcohol and drug-related crimes.
Write her a letter introducing yourself. Some people prefer to use a P.O. box for corresponding with prisoners, but many use their home addresses with no problems. Keep your first letter light and casual.
Send a recent photo of yourself, and maybe a couple of other everyday sights such as your dog or pretty scenery. Send crosswords and interesting newspaper articles. Just about anything can help break the monotony.
Check with the department of corrections or Bureau of Prisons and find out what is involved in getting on an inmate’s approved phone and visiting list. This will allow you to hear her voice, albeit at inflated collect call rates, and to meet in person when the time is right.
Warning: Many women in jail have a negative view of sex. Some have been prostitutes, many have been abused
and most connect sex with shame or guilt. Even those who have been the most sexually active have
little accurate information about sex.
Second Warning: It’s not a lot of work, no commitment, and every visit is guaranteed sex. With over 3 women in the system right now, there is no shortage of ladies.