“He Moved That Delicious Dancer Right Off The Dance Floor!”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

It’s one thing to have a woman in your arms on the dance floor.  It’s another thing when it’s a sexytime dance with some movin’ and groovin’ especially if that leads to doin’.

It’s yet another thing entirely to get that delicious dancer OFF the dance floor and onto the next chapter in your adventure together.

Check this out, excerpted from a Sarge report from one of my students:

> …Then I told her that I saw her out one the dance floor, that it looked like she was having a lot of fun out there. She said yes she was, so I told her to give me a couple of minutes and I would meet her out on the dance floor. She smiled and said ok.

> I continued with my conversation with my friends, then went to her with a smile on my face. After dancing for a few minutes I told her that I love dancing. She said she did too. I told her that dancing is fun, and when you are with someone (sp) that you want to keep dancing with even after the music stops.. its even better.

> She looked at me with a puzzled look and asked what I meant by that. I told her the music was too loud to have an exciting conversation like that, but she could meet me outside and I would tell her.

RJ here.  Let’s dissect this. 

First of all, he did fantastic by telling her to “give him a couple minutes” before he joined her on the dance floor.  He didn’t chase her but showed he had something else going on.  Good balance.

Next, let’s look at how he handled the conversation on the dance floor and how it got her doing most of the seduction work:

  1. When he said “dancing is fun”, he didn’t specify HOW.  He left it vague. That allowed her to search her own imagination to find what “fun” meant for her.
  2. He was vague as to who “someone” means.
  3. Suggestion: “you want to keep dancing after the music stops”.
  4. Dancing in what way? How is it better? Again, by being vague, he created response potential. She’s curious about what you mean and she searches for her own meaning.

Finally, note how he segued into getting that delicious dancer off the dance floor. Both in terms of moving her to a quieter environment so he could use his voice to better effect, but also moving her to another location creates a sense of having spent more time with her.  Classic move.

That’s how it’s done.

Peace and piece,

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