How To Get the Best-looking women

Here’s some advice from Dan & Jennifer about how to pick up 10’s, the absolute most attractive girls.


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Confident Women Like Strong and Confident Men

Know who you want to be and be that man. Do npt try to be someone else, and don’t put yourself down for being who you are. Take pride and have confidence in yourself, because chicks who are really good looking are confident too. If you believe in the product you’re selling (which is yourself), girls are going to want to buy it. You’ve got to believe you have the ability to approach and date ANY girl you want, or it’s just not going to happen. If you truly believe that you have a lot to offer any girl, your confidence will allow you to do just that – and then you’ll have the pick of women in the bar or wherever else you go to meet girls!

Any Guy Can Learn To Be Amazing With Women

A common misconception about dating is that if a guy is shy, or is a “nerd” that he can’t be good with women. Quite the opposite is true – ANY guy can learn to be amazing with the ladies. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re the most attractive guy in the room, because honestly, even some of the best pick up artists aren’t underwear model material (far from it). If you think you’ll never be great with ladies because you’re “average” looking or for any other reason, you’re really only limiting yourself. Shed the negative thinking and have the confidence to know that you CAN learn to be great with women.

Be the cool guy that other people want to hang around. Work on improving yourself and have goals and a game plan. Don’t get caught up in faking it, using the right “pick up lines” or any of those “dating tips” that rarely ever work. It’s all about believing you have something great to offer (because you really do) and knowing that you can have any woman you want!

Stay Away From Anything Weird

Again, you want to stay away from any dating props or cheesy pick up lines. If it’s not authentic, women are going to smell it from a mile away. There are no magic “lines” that will instantly make women attracted to you, nor are is there anything else that will help you ask a girl out. You’ve just got to build that inner confidence and start putting yourself out there!


What you do want to do is be personable – be friendly, funny and be yourself! Don’t try to be a guy that you think women like, because that pretty much never works. Also, don’t be afraid to consider getting a dating coach. People pay personal trainers all the time to help them to work out and lose weight, a dating coach goes along the same lines – you’re having someone help train you to get the women you desire! If you don’t want a professional, enlist one of your friends (that also happens to be good with women) to help you through the process.


Focus On Being A “10″ Yourself

While looks certainly aren’t everything, if you consider yourself to be a “3,” you’re never going to get the hottest woman. So implement a game plan that allows you to work towards becoming the kind of guy that other women see as a “10.”

Have Fun Dating

It’s not always about “getting a number” or meeting the girl you’re going to have a long term relationship with or even marry. Have fun dating and meeting new women – it doesn’t always have to go someplace. Also, don’t focus so much on meeting girls, but also meeting new people in general – make new friends and find people who have similar goals. If you currently have friends that aren’t supporting you or are bringing you down, it may be time to get them out of your life and make friends that help lift you up and help you meet your goals.

Finally, you want to make the decision to become good at dating. Make the command decision to learn what you need to do to become more confident with the ladies and just do it. Put yourself out there and if you have the confidence, chicks who are a “10″ will flock to you!