Best Text-Message lines for meeting girls (PUA style)

Are your lame text messages doing more harm than good? Try these!

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz Show

The “Quiz” technique is absolutely amazing and really makes you realize how much FUN you can have with text message seduction.

Get like 7 or 8 girls who you have’t hung out with yet, but have gotten their cell numbers. Then let the fun begin!

YOU: I’m going to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity.

GIRL:OMG WHAT!?!?!?!?!(or something maybe a little less enthusiastic…but you get the idea, lol)

YOU:You get to party with me tonight, but only if u can answer one really important question

Now the girl is intrigued about what that the “important question” is, and can only help but agree to the frame where she is hoping to win the chance to party with you, which is fuckin bad ass!

Girl: lol what is it??

YOU:Name 6 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies

GIRL: (If she’s SMART) terminator 1, 2, 3, running man, twins, predator, etc

GIRL:nice u win..bonus points for running man hah, pregamin here at 10:30 hit me up

YOU:(If she’s DUMB)what haha no way

YOU: Sorry thats incorrect, thank you for playing

And then you DON’T hang out with them, at least not tonight. Thats the best part about having 6 or more numbers to do this with. The girls who pass the test are now qualified to you and you know they are the FUN ones. Screw some chick who’s too cool to answer a fun txt message question like that one. Now that you’ve blown her off, even though she knows you’re going out, she’s going to be looking to get validated by hanging out with you the next time.

Text message girl

The Poem Technique

YOUR TEXT:Creatively complete this poem, roses are red violets are blue..

Girls absolutely LOVE this one because it’s that dumb, goofy, soap-opera, type message that girls love to respond to. Plus, and a HUGE plus at at that, you are SCREENING her with it. “Creatively” implies that you are judging her on her creativity. SO she is going to (and almost always does) make it funny. I’ve gotten responses like “this is the most random thing I’ve ever been asked to do…lol hi!” and “please be my fuck buddy when i want to screw =P” Some are definitely worth a laugh. Then just transition into normal chat from there. Keep your texts short and to the point, and set up the meeting.

Now you’re gaining interest with the text message instead of being just the same as other guys. Have fun with these ones, I know I do.