Tyler Durden PUA – Owen Cook is his real name

Owen Cook (aka Tyler Drden) graduated with a degree in philosophy from Queen’s University in Kingston. He first became interested in PUA as a young man after breaking up together with his long-time GF with whom he had moved in while still in Ottawa. Following the break up, Owen left school, suffered from extreme depression, and reached his ‘breaking point’.[3] He joined the seduction community in 2001, assuming the handle ‘Tyler Durden’ in homage to the fictional character from the film Fight Club. He travelled to texas in order to develop his skills at picking up and seducing women, finally moving in to a closet and using it as his bedroom in order to live with Neil Strauss, Barry Kirkey and Mystery at their mansion in Project Hollywood.
Tyler Durden aka Owen Cook
Strauss & Mystery mentored Owen as a novitiate in the community & watched as he developed his own distinct approach to gambling the opposite sex in parallel & apparent competition to their own. His efforts finally resulted in the creation of actual Social Dynamics or RSD, a company based in new york, California, in 2002, along with Nicholas Kho. The company was one of plenty of where men would take paying customers out “into the field” & demonstrate how to meet ladies live. Cook is responsible for much of the creative material produced by the company, & is well known for his unique stream of consciousness style of writing & detailed break down of seemingly complicated social interactions that originated in his writings on the message board of moderated alt.seduction.fast.[4]
Following the release of the Strauss’s book, & the negative publicity it gave to Owen & actual Social Dynamics, Owen suffered a period of psychological, sexual, & financial setbacks, with actual Social Dynamics becoming overwhelmingly in debt. Owen claims that the company has since recovered & is prospering.
Owen Cook promotes the belief that any man can achieving attraction, irrespective of mores imposed by social conditioning. they argues that physical appearance, income and age have little bearing on attraction, and  that attraction is created by the relative value that one person has compared to another.
Much of Real Social Dynamics literature is based on ways to increase one’s inherent value, with a giant emphasis placed on obtaining social reference points by initiating conversations with strangers in social gatherings.
Frequent topics of discussion in his company’s publications include self actualization, personal identity, masculine polarity and empowering belief systems.[6]
On several occasions, Owen has cited the philosopher Eckhart Tolle as a major influence.
Owen Cook is mentioned by Neil Strauss in his book The Game. In his book, Strauss describes his experience mentoring Owen and fellow student “Papa” (Nicholas Kho) while watching as he developed his own distinct approach to gambling in parallel and apparent competition to Strauss’s own. The book also describes the establishment of actual Social Dynamics by Cook and Papa, a company dedicated to teaching men how to interact with women.
In August 2008, Owen announced on his company weblog that he was “wrapping up with [his] role as figurehead of RSD and moving in to self help.”[5] At the same time, Owen has continued to teach every week actual Social Dynamics bootcamps in Los Angeles, California.
Owen has continued to teach every week actual Social Dynamics bootcamps in Los Angeles