The 3 questions of Pandoras box revealed.

The questions/dimensions of Vin Di Carlo’s Pandoras Box are:
Relationship: Some girls are more stay at home, build a nest and cuddle with her man types. Others are always up for adventure and get bored if cooped up too long.

Time: Most women want to find a quality guy, but they have different strategies for finding Mr. Right. Some want to date a bunch of guys and then choose the best of the bunch. These respond to a cocky approach filled with intrigue. Others want to find someone “good enough” and then change him into Mr. Right. These respond to charm and romance.

Sex: If there’s the hint of possibility in the air, and you want to get sexual with a woman, some of them need to be made to feel safe, while others simply need you to turn them on.

PROFILING women is a big part of succeeding. And there are many profiling schemes out there. Brett Tate has one scheme. Robert Green has another. But Vin Dicarlo seems to be onto a scheme that’s better than any other profiling scheme that’s come before. And this is huge for the PUA community.

In summary:
There aren’t 3 questions, you have to use some creativity to come up with ways of finding the answers. The idea is that YOU have to discover the answer to these three questions to find a woman’s type:

(1) Her approach to Time (N or T)
(2) Her approach to Sex (D or J)
(3) Her approach to Relationship (I or R)

Seems to me it takes a lot of time and practice to develop your own natural way of getting those answers, but very effective once you do.

Pandoras Box