Is sex the real goal?

Is there something wrong with having sex with a woman, knowing or believing she just wants and enjoys sex for its own sake?

Some guys believe that ultimately he has to “pay for it” one way or another – often in the form of “proving” he’s in it for more than “just sex”.  He tries to believe that it’s ok, that she wants and enjoys sex.  “If I don’t give it to her, someone else will.” 

But it just doesn’t work out that way for him.

Could there be some sort of guilt involved?

First, foremost, uppermost, and important-most: in order to have the belief that there’s something wrong with f@@king a woman for nothing, what has to be missing from your sensory experience?

What is your perception and experience of making love with a woman? Can you sense her pleasure as she is feeling it? Can you feel her arousal as it ebbs and flows in her? Can you feel her vagina twitching when you hold her afterwards, even when you are no longer inside her, it is still twitching and pulsing for you?

To me, this is NOT about beliefs. It’s about your direct experience of the exchange of pleasure,  energy and sensuality that is the heart of good sex, as opposed to mechanical pounding away and discharging your energy (and dumping your load).

If you are only humping mechanically or have little or no sensitivity or sensuality then that is a REAL issue.

The only way you could possibly hold the belief that she isn’t enjoying it is if you are shut down to sensing her energy and yours and what is going on with that dance.

As far as guilt: are you sure? How do you KNOW it is guilt? Maybe it is just uncertainty mixed with a vague sense that sex can be a lot more for you as well as for her, whomever “her” might be.

Ok, maybe the belief that girls don’t enjoy sex has shut you down to opening your senses and sensuality. So the solution is to open the sensuality and the senses.

Don’t look at it as “guilt complex” Look at it as an information-block and a shutting down of senses to experience that now has to be awakened.

If this is the case, the next time you are with a woman, TAKE YOUR TIME. Do NOT f@@k her no matter what. See how you can enjoy just the kissing, the touching, with no hurry at all. Make your aim to create a nice erotic haze that you can blissfully share for a morning, or evening or afternoon. Do NOT put it in until they say, “I want you inside me” or words to that effect.

This is as much about you discovering your own sensuality and openness to energy than anything else.

Peace and piece,
Ross Jeffries

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