The October Man Sequence (as mentioned by Neil Strauss)

The October Man Sequence

Pictured above: A HOT Russian girl

Alright, here we go… Do you know how Tension Loops work? If you’ve read Swinggcat’s book, it is about that story of the cat named George…Pain/Pleasure/Pain Push/Pull kinda thing..That is the
General Patronage version, in the context of October Man, you have to amp up the pain and the pleasure..Everytime you talk about something pleasurable you anchor it to you physically or just by special gestures. I use a unique stare…Every time you go to Pain you anchor it away by gesturing, or just look away..Remember to really
bring out her Pleasurable states by patterning or just Trance Hi-Jack or create that into filters, SRT just as used in the new SS model..Really work on the positive states, stack them up multi-modal anchoring, then immediately contrast it with something really Painful and terrible…Imagine a flaming ball of fire, then freezing it till
it becomes ball of ice, then heating it up till it ignites, the
contrast has to be that intense and RAPID FIRE. Do not fluff talk if possible… If you are familliar with Fractionation, you’d have already noticed that at each pass YOU ARE BUILDING RESPONSE POTENTIAL on both
polarities..Each pass you fractionate the pain so its intensifying, while also intensifying the pleasure back to you…Do multi Anchoring for pleasure states to be more effective i.e. simulatenous touch,
tonality,stare etc….

Here is the reason why they banned it..Their analogy is bringing nukes into a gunfight, it is that powerful…Are you familiar with Time-Lines, Change History Pattern or the “February Man” by Erickson?? It’s the same principle. You
visit her in her timeline, in the future or in the past and evoke the things that were painful then..Work it, then be like The Knight In Shining Armor, protector and how things could have been better if you were there to shield her, bring her safety etc.. THOSE periods in her
life she needed someone, and nobody was there…In the pleasurable
moments, you can “steal” them and make them stronger or many times
better had you been there..

If you’re going to use this, please avoid the TimeLine part..The Tension
Loop from hell is enough to get you fast connections..It time distorts
them automaticallly and she feels safe with you… Dont do this in situations with a lot of stimuli or distractions like bars or clubs etc…

The hospital pattern below is an example how pain/Pleasure works.. Try
also the “Door Pattern” in the SS quick reference book i’ve
The Hospital pattern:
a) did you ever know someone that went into a hospital and never came

b) its amazing how often people just go and never come back
c) If you like what we have, remember that I could leave you and
never come back.

Now you just capture the pieces into a nice little story. If you can
use touch or smell, the anchors are that much more powerful.

To lover:
Did you hear about (insert famous person or aquintance) who went to
the hospital for something (anchor here) and never came out?

By the way, I had a doggie that I loved and one day it just
disappeared (use same anchor here with more intensity), {keep building
value of doggie} she was so good to me, she would wait for me after
school and she would just kiss me and knock me down ever so gently.
We would roll on the floor and play all kinds of games.

We would chase each other, she would fetch for me, she even slept in
my room (what could you do with this?) but then one day, I came
looking for her and she wasnt there. You have no idea what it feels
like to loose someone like that (anchor). For days you look for her,
you post posters, you post rewards. No matter what you do, its over,
gone out of your life. (anchor).
Clearly, tonality, certainty and body language will have much to do
with your results.
The last thing I remember was when I left and she kissed me, (anchor)
and I never saw her again. I wouldnt wish that (anchor) on anyone.
I sure enjoy you (fire anchor) and I am having a blast getting to
know you. I know you’ll miss me (fire anchor).
The anchor will be set and you can use it anytime. The power of the
pattern is in creating a solid story, use voice, touch and any other

Compound any anchors that you can.
With the same idea you could make:
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All of these are only limited by your imaginations