Phone and texting tips for meeting women (Pickup Artist Style)

Phone and text game is the bridge between the first meeting (“the pickup”) and the second meeting (“the first date”). If you’re not good at that, you’ll be wasting your time meeting women since you’ll never get to see them again. If you’re really good at phone and text game, even very quick or fleeting pickups can turn into something.

My girlfriend before I left San Diego – a legit “10” – came from a quick conversation after the bar closed when her friends were yelling at her to get in the car. After some phone conversations and texting for a couple weeks, she invited me over to dinner and the rest was history.

I don’t have time to summarize a couple hundred pages of text message scripts, phone call transcripts, etc., here, but I can give you a few pointers to start you off:

  • Make sure she has your phone number in her phone when you get her number. That way she’ll know it’s you when you call.
  • Never leave voicemail. If you have to leave a message, send a text.
  • Text her later that night if possible. (This can be great for same-night lays as well. Meet her around midnight, text her at 2am with “are you guys still here?”) If not, definitely the next day.
  • With most women, start texting instead of calling first.
  • Vary your texts – they shouldn’t all be funny or serious or long or short or questions or statements. Mix it up.
  • Never respond to her texts more quickly than she is responding to yours.
  • Get a conversation flowing a bit first before you suggest plans.
  • Make your phone and text game consistent with the initial pickup. If you met her for 5 minutes, don’t suggest dinner for Saturday night.
  • Sign your name on your texts just in case. Just your name. Not “Nick, the guy in the red jacket from last night,” just “Nick”.
  • The great thing about texts (and phone calls to a certain extent) is you can “cheat”. You don’t have to think of the best answer on the spot – you can consult Braddock and Mr M’s Ultimate Guide and either use something “off the shelf” from the book or use it to inspire your own message.
  • If you’re trying to cram everything in 168 characters (a text message maximum) you’re trying to say too much.
  • If she doesn’t respond to a text, don’t worry about it. Send another one later. Don’t even “notice” that she didn’t reply.

Good luck!