Picking up women without your friends

Some guys go out alone. Some start with wingmen but end up alone if their friends are busy or have already left with someone. Either way, you need to know how to pick up a girl when you’re by yourself.

There are a bunch of little things you can do to help your game. E.g., as soon as you arrive, make sure you are always talking to SOMEONE, even if it’s staff, other men, or women you’re not attracted to. Don’t LOOK like you’re alone. If it’s crowded, casually mention your friend “over there” (pointing into the crowd).

It’s hardest when you’re with a woman who is into you but her friends aren’t taking the hint. This is where you want to use an “instant wingman” – basically any other guy or guys you can bring into the conversation to talk to her friends.

PUA at barSoon, I’ll go into this in more detail, but basically any “opinion opener” should work if the guy has any sense of game. And if he doesn’t, he wouldn’t make a good instant wingman anyway.

Beautiful women will often “test” you to see if you stand up for yourself and can think on your feet. This is actually VERY GOOD – when you know how to handle tests, they become easy and women love you for it.