Text Message Pickup Lines and Openers (PUA style)

iphone girl

Here’s a collection of opening lines from around the internet. I did not write these. Some of them seeery em like they would be very effective at getting girls to text you back.

“So what are you up to? I have a ridiculous story that happened the other night!”

Hey princess, I Just came back from the aquarium and I saw the cutest fish there…it reminded me of you 😛
I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!

Can I flirt with you?

“What’s up poster girl?”

“If nose hairs were a sign of masculinity, the guy opposite me would be the hulk.”

“Maybe it’s the booze talking, but I want you to know that I love booze.”

“Hey goober/shrimp/whatever fits, I just saw the cutest little X and thought of you.
Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy ass people! You will be safe, I’m just texting to say goodbye

You are like a candy bar: half sweet and half nuts.

“OMG!!! You’ll never guess what just happened”
“Try to read this and not think of me”

Be yourself, there are enough other people.
“Try to read this and not smile”
“Okay, I texted you. What are your next two wishes”
Remember guys tomorrow is “Hug a retard” day…So don’t freak out like you did last year, NO ONE IS TRYING TO HURT YOU!
I miss you and wanna see you, but this dumb security guard won’t let me in the zoo. Is there any way you can escape?
Why’d you have to give your mom my phone number..? She won’t quit calling me now..
Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant!? That’s ridiculous… Gotta love animal planet during the lunch break…

What are you doing, cutie? 🙂
Knock knock…

Do you think I could borrow that dress sometime?
How’s my favorite little brat doing? 🙂
Ciao bella! / Mi amore! / My cheri amore!
I just made you open your phone for no reason…looks like I got you in check =]
Hey goof, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
What sort of trouble are you causing?
I am luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer skittles or M&M’s?
Hey..do me a favor and text me right back. Just hi or something. My friends dont believe retards can text. We’ll show em lil buddy

Girls are gross…