Impress the ladies with the Nike FuelBand

Just heard all the buzz about these FuelBand things facebook. This gizmo would be a GREAT conversation starter for a PUA. Wearing this implies that you have an active lifestyle. Makes you seem more interesting. Check this thing out:  


Video: Pickup Artist “Ratisse” on pickup and gaming

  Ratisse is an EPIC pickup artist from the Denver lair. The video is about the mind-set and reality of becoming a PUA. It’s about an 45 minutes long, good information if you want a real insight into seducing girls.  

19 year old girl

Preselection from a girls’s point of view

Since we have been delving into the mind of females lately, here’s a gem written in the first person about how girls deal with pre-selected men. From the always excellent “” “I think I was around 19 years old when I became mildly interested in my co-worker, Mark. I fancied his voice and when you’re […]


How to manage multiple girls

I’ll try to make this short: I have always been active supporter of MLTRs, however, this is the only workable way to keep juggling more than one girl: (side note: 4-5 girls is a bit excessive, and if you have to ask how to keep them, you don’t have game strong enough. 2-3 is reasonable) […]


How to pick up Cougars (Hot older women)

Here’s a post from the forum: “My dancing class is full of cougars and they are very generous with their attention and are happy to have the attention of younger dudes. Anyone with experience chatting up cougars have some info to share? What are some ways to calibrate/frame my interactions with them?”   and of […]


The 3 questions of Pandoras box revealed.

The questions/dimensions of Vin Di Carlo’s Pandoras Box are: Relationship: Some girls are more stay at home, build a nest and cuddle with her man types. Others are always up for adventure and get bored if cooped up too long. Time: Most women want to find a quality guy, but they have different strategies for […]


How a PUA can defuse a situation by being above it

Interesting post in the forums: In the Pickup-artist and seduction community I think inner-game is the whole thing I want. I really just want to be the best person I can be, I feel like the women will come on their own once I work to make MYSELF happy. I was reading: Alpha Trait #4: […]

rock star

Want a rock star lifestyle? Nope, me neither.

Much of the PUA community seems to focus on getting a rockstar type lifestyle. Rollin’ up to some high end club with 10 girls in tow, sitting at a private VIP table, drinking expensive champagne and having an after-party until the wee hours at some penthouse. This sounds great, but I have found that a […]

How to deal with an AMOG (PUA style)

There are definently multiple ways of dealing with AMOG’s. This is a LONG post, but it is a worthwhile read. An AMOG (Alpha Male Of Group, Alpha Male Other Guy) is a very interesting part of the seduction game. These guys are typically naturals and will attempt to tool you and then take away your […]


Use the DENNIS System to pick up women – (PUA tactics)

  The D.E.N.N.I.S system is revealed to be an acronym: Demonstrate value (show her you are worth her time) Engage physically (begin seduction) Nurture dependence Neglect emotionally Inspire hope Separate entirely (GTFO!!!) It is not quite as simple as it seems. The first step is usually a lie (in this example, since Dennis’ target is […]