How to manage multiple girls

I’ll try to make this short: I have always been active supporter of MLTRs, however, this is the only workable way to keep juggling more than one girl: (side note: 4-5 girls is a bit excessive, and if you have to ask how to keep them, you don’t have game strong enough. 2-3 is reasonable) […]


The 3 questions of Pandoras box revealed.

The questions/dimensions of Vin Di Carlo’s Pandoras Box are: Relationship: Some girls are more stay at home, build a nest and cuddle with her man types. Others are always up for adventure and get bored if cooped up too long. Time: Most women want to find a quality guy, but they have different strategies for […]

PUA Vin Di Carlo gets bad review from Better Business Bureau

I came across this on Youtube today. Apparently the up-and-coming PUA guru, Vin Di Carlo has an “F” rating. It appears that the video is made by one of his competitors, Ross Jeffries.


Greensmoke Promotional Codes

For all of you PUA’s out there, I thought I’d fill you in on a new trend that can help at nightclubs. There are these electronic cigarettes you can use in the bars and you WILL get plenty of attention if you use them. The tip of the e-cigarette even glows when you take a […]


How to meet girls online with Facebook (New for 2011)

I have been sitting here for the last 10 minutes in awe. Why? Well, I’ve been taking a look at Facebook’s latest user-base statistics… & let me tell you something. They are absolutely staggering. As of right now…there are about over SEVENTY-FIVE MILLION ACTIVE USERS! Now, I don’t have to say it…but I’m going to […]


Myspace pickup artist tips

Have you ever tried moving your Pickup Artist skills to Myspace? Being a Myspace PUA is simpler in many ways that picking up girls in clubs! Take a look at the following tips on being aMyspace PUA. 1. Get some pics showing some cold hobbies such as surfing, biking or rock climbing! This will make […]

Meet and Seduce girls on facebook – Secrets revealed!

Facebook has more privacy filters than other social networks including Myspace. Some girls even block their profile so that you cannot see it unless you’re their friend. The only option that leaves you is to “poke,” since that’s the only way you can communicate to a chick that you are interested in. 2 But, let’s […]

facebook girl

How to meet girls on Facebook (PUA)

I have been wanting to get down to the essentials of what it takes to meet girls on Facebook. Over the last year I have really been hitting the social networking sites hard using a trial and error. There are MANY different ways that work, but one method seems to work best. I get the majority […]