How to pick up girls who are “hired guns” (PUA Style)

  This website began when a student wanted to know how to seduce the pretty young girl at a coffeeshop .  It seems that there are alot of misconceptions about the approach to attracting such a girl and so I set myself the difficult task to try to set the record straight. She is a […]


How a PUA can defuse a situation by being above it

Interesting post in the forums: In the Pickup-artist and seduction community I think inner-game is the whole thing I want. I really just want to be the best person I can be, I feel like the women will come on their own once I work to make MYSELF happy. I was reading: Alpha Trait #4: […]


Cotton Candy Opener – PUA

For the record, I detest opinion openers. I can execute them  fine and all, but I still don’t like ’em. Yeah, they get the chick talking and buy you another minute, but they’re  blah for me. A large quantity of these openers  leave me feeling… kind of… I don’t know… less than satisfied. They give […]


Tyler Durden (Owen Cook) -How to meet women by changing habits

I noticed a pattern recently about how I implement habits. Here is how I implement a habit: Usually I’ll get some idea of some over-the-top thing that I need to accomplish. So possibly I weigh 120 pounds & I need to make the college rugby team. Or possibly I’ve had failing grades all through high […]