Leverage Can Get You Out Of The “Cold Shower Loop”

In all my years of teaching guys like you how to get results you want with the girls you want, I have found when people are stuck, their natural tendency is to push harder within the system they are using. That rarely works. When I want to help people change, I look for leverage, and it […]


How To Get the Best-looking women

Here’s some advice from Dan & Jennifer about how to pick up 10’s, the absolute most attractive girls.     Confident Women Like Strong and Confident Men Know who you want to be and be that man. Do npt try to be someone else, and don’t put yourself down for being who you are. Take […]


Five Methods For Kicking Negative People Out Of Your Life

Dan & Jennifer have a good article up on their blog about 5 techniques you can use to banish people from your life who keep you down and spread negativity like a cancer.  Check it out… Negative “energy vampires” are not living a life full of happiness and success, yet they will happily drag you […]


Study: Birth Control Pills Decrease Sexual Pleasure

A new article in Time talks about how girls who take Birth Control Pills have less sexual satisfaction, but more committed relationships…   Good news and bad for girls who take the pill: new research finds that those who meet their partners while taking oral contraceptives report less sexual satisfaction in their relationships — but […]

Reclaiming Your Dominance With Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student, I believe that a combination of orientations, practices and insights are a big part of making mastering seduction mean a lot more than getting good with chicks. I believe it makes it about a radical act of personal rebellion against your own patterns and a beautiful and ongoing practice of personal […]

“He Moved That Delicious Dancer Right Off The Dance Floor!”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student, It’s one thing to have a woman in your arms on the dance floor.  It’s another thing when it’s a sexytime dance with some movin’ and groovin’ especially if that leads to doin’. It’s yet another thing entirely to get that delicious dancer OFF the dance floor and onto the next […]

LAST CHANCE TO See Me Get This Off My Chest!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student, F@@k it to hell and back again, one more time. I am so excited about the brand-new “Sexual Aggression Mastery” course that I am making available, for a limited time, an instant replay of the launch broadcast which gives you a great preview, plus answers top questions from our students. Everyone […]

Comfort Topics

Comfort Topics: At our bootcamps, we teach guys a method to keep a conversation going forever. Even with this powerful tool, the most common problem I see for a guy coming back to me without a number or without the girl is very simply “I ran out of stuff to say.” Relating, the skill of […]

How to learn outer game

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu In the process of doing thousands of hours worth of residential training, teaching people from all over the world, helping people with a gamut of inner and outer game issues, I keep coming back to a fundamental lesson. Learning is best done in […]

Two Fantastic Book Recommendations

Dear Speed Seduction(R) Students, As you know, I am always interested in how the mind works and how to read/persuade our fellow humans. In that regard, I want to recommend two fantastic books.  You can get them on Amazon, of course. 1. How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer This is an unbelievably important book […]