Impress the ladies with the Nike FuelBand

Just heard all the buzz about these FuelBand things facebook. This gizmo would be a GREAT conversation starter for a PUA. Wearing this implies that you have an active lifestyle. Makes you seem more interesting. Check this thing out:  


How to pick up girls who are “hired guns” (PUA Style)

  This website began when a student wanted to know how to seduce the pretty young girl at a coffeeshop .  It seems that there are alot of misconceptions about the approach to attracting such a girl and so I set myself the difficult task to try to set the record straight. She is a […]


How to pick up Cougars (Hot older women)

Here’s a post from the forum: “My dancing class is full of cougars and they are very generous with their attention and are happy to have the attention of younger dudes. Anyone with experience chatting up cougars have some info to share? What are some ways to calibrate/frame my interactions with them?”   and of […]


The 3 questions of Pandoras box revealed.

The questions/dimensions of Vin Di Carlo’s Pandoras Box are: Relationship: Some girls are more stay at home, build a nest and cuddle with her man types. Others are always up for adventure and get bored if cooped up too long. Time: Most women want to find a quality guy, but they have different strategies for […]

rock star

Want a rock star lifestyle? Nope, me neither.

Much of the PUA community seems to focus on getting a rockstar type lifestyle. Rollin’ up to some high end club with 10 girls in tow, sitting at a private VIP table, drinking expensive champagne and having an after-party until the wee hours at some penthouse. This sounds great, but I have found that a […]


Greensmoke Promotional Codes

For all of you PUA’s out there, I thought I’d fill you in on a new trend that can help at nightclubs. There are these electronic cigarettes you can use in the bars and you WILL get plenty of attention if you use them. The tip of the e-cigarette even glows when you take a […]

Gunwich Method (read it here for free)

Okay, so you want to  get laid more, right?  Of course. Maybe you are a fan of other pickup artists and discovered me through their websites, or maybe this is your first venture into the methods of seduction. Maybe you found me through ASF ( newsgroup, and you were one of the guys who requested […]


Cotton Candy Opener – PUA

For the record, I detest opinion openers. I can execute them  fine and all, but I still don’t like ’em. Yeah, they get the chick talking and buy you another minute, but they’re  blah for me. A large quantity of these openers  leave me feeling… kind of… I don’t know… less than satisfied. They give […]


Best Text-Message lines for meeting girls (PUA style)

Are your lame text messages doing more harm than good? Try these! The Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz Show The “Quiz” technique is absolutely amazing and really makes you realize how much FUN you can have with text message seduction. Get like 7 or 8 girls who you have’t hung out with yet, but have gotten their […]


Do looks matter for meeting women?

It is only natural that men think the same rules about looks apply to females as we do men. A woman, however, places much less importance to how a man looks compared to how she can make her feel. Looks might better help you get the “audition” but that’s all. Techniques like spoken NLP patterns, […]