Pickup Artist: The Familiar Approach

One of the simplest & most effective ways is to start speaking to girls: act like you have already know them. Just start in the middle, like you’d go on from where you left off the last time you two met or just start with anything new, just as in the event you were speaking […]

Gunwich Method (read it here for free)

Okay, so you want to  get laid more, right?  Of course. Maybe you are a fan of other pickup artists and discovered me through their websites, or maybe this is your first venture into the methods of seduction. Maybe you found me through ASF (alt.seduction.fast) newsgroup, and you were one of the guys who requested […]

How to meet girls at parties (Pua)

It may appear a bit old-schol in today’s futuristic dating world, but you can meet females in person for the first time & ask them out. Although I would seldom knock online dating, which has served me well over the years, there is  something that must be said about meeting females at parties. Even in […]


Use the DENNIS System to pick up women – (PUA tactics)

  The D.E.N.N.I.S system is revealed to be an acronym: Demonstrate value (show her you are worth her time) Engage physically (begin seduction) Nurture dependence Neglect emotionally Inspire hope Separate entirely (GTFO!!!) It is not quite as simple as it seems. The first step is usually a lie (in this example, since Dennis’ target is […]


If You’re So Lovable, Why Aren’t You Being Loved?

Dear Ross Jeffries Students And Fans, Are you the “cute brother,” the “sweet guy,” the “adorable teddy bear” that every chick says she wants to hug tight and pinch your cheeks because you’re oh-so-cute? Wonder why all these girls think you’re so lovable and huggable – yet these same girls are actually doing the lascivious […]


Best Text-Message lines for meeting girls (PUA style)

Are your lame text messages doing more harm than good? Try these! The Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz Show The “Quiz” technique is absolutely amazing and really makes you realize how much FUN you can have with text message seduction. Get like 7 or 8 girls who you have’t hung out with yet, but have gotten their […]


Best places to meet women

Bookstore Try visiting a bookstore. This is sometimes a meeting ground for organizations or even students hoping to get in some study time. The atmosphere is usually peaceful, which can help encourage girls and guys to begin a conversation regarding books of similar interest. Ask for a monthly calendar from a store employee and look […]


How to meet girls on Twitter

What is wrong with me? I have known James for several years now, & pretty much at every turn I screw him over in some way – one time I had him write on my old website site for like 6 months (more like 18 months, ed.), & then I deleted all his posts later. […]

How to use “Tease Tactics” to seduce women

The tease tactics developed by “drake” are remarkably effective for seducing women. The concepts are summarized below: “When you are with her, tease her like she is your own little sister.” This is a variation of David DeAngelo’s cocky/funny routine. Be playful and confident… but don’t go overboard or be mean to her. The losers […]