How to pick up girls who are “hired guns” (PUA Style)

  This website began when a student wanted to know how to seduce the pretty young girl at a coffeeshop .  It seems that there are alot of misconceptions about the approach to attracting such a girl and so I set myself the difficult task to try to set the record straight. She is a […]


Video: Pickup Artist “Ratisse” on pickup and gaming

  Ratisse is an EPIC pickup artist from the Denver lair. The video is about the mind-set and reality of becoming a PUA. It’s about an 45 minutes long, good information if you want a real insight into seducing girls.  


Tony Robbins: The Science and art of Fulfillment

………….. “Decision is the Ultimate power” -Anthony Robbins Seems like this guy is saying something relevant for alot of the pickup artists that are here. Watch this video. Even if you don’t have alot of resources (money, etc)… you can still get where you want to be. Resourcefulness is THE defining factor in many situations. He says […]

How to seduce beautiful girls with PUA methods

Men who have lower self confidence when it comes to women like to think that they don’t “deserve” to get the kind of women they want deeply inside. Well, if you belong to this group I have good news for you. Just keep reading! I usually put women into 3 categories: in the first there […]

Pickup Artist: The Familiar Approach

One of the simplest & most effective ways is to start speaking to girls: act like you have already know them. Just start in the middle, like you’d go on from where you left off the last time you two met or just start with anything new, just as in the event you were speaking […]