How to seduce beautiful girls with PUA methods

Men who have lower self confidence when it comes to women like to think that they don’t “deserve” to get the kind of women they want deeply inside. Well, if you belong to this group I have good news for you. Just keep reading! I usually put women into 3 categories: in the first there […]

Excitement & Fear: (Slightly) Different Forms Of Arousal

An interesting nuance about how female emotions work, how they impact thier thoughts and behaviors, is the similarities between these emotions with respect to where they come from and how they impact us. Let’s look at Fear and Excitement. Seemingly two opposite reactions, right?  Well, yes and no. Physiologically, there’s not much difference.  Both raise […]


The October Man Sequence (as mentioned by Neil Strauss)

The October Man Sequence Pictured above: A HOT Russian girl Alright, here we go… Do you know how Tension Loops work? If you’ve read Swinggcat’s book, it is about that story of the cat named George…Pain/Pleasure/Pain Push/Pull kinda thing..That is the General Patronage version, in the context of October Man, you have to amp up […]