Is sex the real goal?

Is there something wrong with having sex with a woman, knowing or believing she just wants and enjoys sex for its own sake? Some guys believe that ultimately he has to “pay for it” one way or another – often in the form of “proving” he’s in it for more than “just sex”.  He tries […]

The Shadow and the Rising Sun – Forbidden NLP pattern

It is possible to erase a woman’s values so that they have no direction in life and go through the motions without any purpose. It’s pretty wicked. In fact it’s VERY wicked. Well, the genie is out of the bottle. This is one of Ross Jeffries forbidden NLP patterns. The theme builds on the darker […]

Excitement & Fear: (Slightly) Different Forms Of Arousal

An interesting nuance about how female emotions work, how they impact thier thoughts and behaviors, is the similarities between these emotions with respect to where they come from and how they impact us. Let’s look at Fear and Excitement. Seemingly two opposite reactions, right?  Well, yes and no. Physiologically, there’s not much difference.  Both raise […]


The October Man Sequence (as mentioned by Neil Strauss)

The October Man Sequence Pictured above: A HOT Russian girl Alright, here we go… Do you know how Tension Loops work? If you’ve read Swinggcat’s book, it is about that story of the cat named George…Pain/Pleasure/Pain Push/Pull kinda thing..That is the General Patronage version, in the context of October Man, you have to amp up […]